The sewer system in your home is analogous to the flow of streams into rivers. All of these auxiliary lines are connected to the main sewer line. Therefore, minor plumbing issues like a backed-up sewer line can affect the overall efficiency of your plumbing system.

When you flush a toilet and notice that the wastewater backs up to your tub rather than the drain lines, there is a significant problem with your main line. This requires immediate repair and solution to prevent the problem from getting worse. Read on to find out why your toilet water is backing up into your tub.

Toilet Has Minor Clogs

Mild clogs like hair and soap residue can cause obstructions in the sewer pipe and restrict the flow of wastewater. Minor blockages like these are one of the reasons why backed-up water comes up in your tub or drain.

Tree Roots Have Infiltrated the Pipelines

Sewer lines are prone to tree root infiltration. This is because roots are attracted to moisture, which the pipelines contain. These roots can create cracks in the pipes connected to your main sewer lining as well as to your toilet, tub, and any fixture that uses water.

If water backs up to your tub when you flush your toilet, it is an indicator of sewer line issues. Contact a reputable plumbing contractor to have your pipelines inspected and repaired.

Flushed Toys and Non-Biodegradable Products

Kids at home can get fascinated by throwing anything on your toilet. Furthermore, toiletries labeled as flushable may not be flushable as they are. So, they become instruments that clog up your toilet. These habits cause drain line blockage, causing wastewater to back up into your bathtub and other water fixtures.

To prevent a backed-up sewer line, avoid flushing non-biodegradable products down your drain or toilet. Also, have an annual plumbing inspection to ensure an efficient water system in your home.

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