Regular septic system maintenance is an essential part of the household cleaning checklist. Simple septic tank issues that are not addressed immediately can cause costly repairs or replacements. To avoid septic failure, the best thing you can do is keep your drains and plumbing in good working order.

This blog highlights how you can address common septic tank problems. Read on to learn more.

Clogged Drains and Pipes

Clogs are one of the possible causes of slow draining. This issue occurs when small objects like dirt, toilet paper, food waste, and mineral buildup block the wastewater from flushing down the drains. You can use a drain snake to dislodge the clog from your kitchen sink or toilet if it’s a minor concern. Do not think of using chemical drain cleaners that claim to be septic-safe; they can only worsen your septic system’s problems.

Sometimes, drains are clogged due to the growing roots of trees nearby the septic tank. These roots can infiltrate the tank walls and pipes and may cause waste to get stuck in the drains. It’s best to call a septic tank professional to address this issue accurately.

Sewage Pooling in Floor Drains

An obvious indication of a septic tank problem is when the sewage is pooling in your floor drains. Your septic tank accommodates several rooms in your residential area that use water aside from the surface and runoff water outdoors. Thus, excessive water usage at home might cause sewage to leak out of your septic tank. It would be best to control your water consumption accordingly.

If leaks from the septic system are a recurring concern, have them fixed by a plumbing expert. There might be a more significant problem to deal with than water usage.

Septic Tank Not Installed Properly

Sometimes, minor septic tank concerns are not totally because of your negligence; it’s because, right from the start, the issue is all about the septic system’s improper installation. So, whether you’re doing preventive maintenance for clogs, you’ll always have to deal with septic tank problems. In this case, consulting a plumbing contractor is the best way to determine the exact septic tank concern you should address.

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