One of the water system issues that can be challenging for homeowners is plumbing leaks. Even if they seem to be a minor problem, it is best to have them fixed immediately. Doing so can help prevent more extensive plumbing repairs, requiring more expensive solutions for your water system.

Leaks occur when water system problems are left unaddressed. If you want to learn more about the causes of leaky plumbing in your home, read the blog below.

1. Broken Seals Around Water Connectors
Pipe fittings are connected to straight tubes to regulate the water flow in the drain lines. When connecting them, watertight seals are placed between the pipe adapters and straight tubes. These seals prevent potential leaks from the pipes.

However, as your plumbing system ages, watertight seals can be damaged, too. As a result, water starts to drip out of the pipes, which happens more often near the kitchen sink and toilet. The best thing you can do is check your pipes and contact a plumbing expert for an immediate solution.

2. Corroded Pipes
Water leaks can also be caused by corroded pipes. Metal pipes rust and corrode because of the chemical makeup of minerals and water. Over time, this can create an opening where water can leak and damage your home’s water system.

If your plumbing system shows signs of corrosion and rust, maybe it’s time for a pipe replacement. More recent materials used for plumbing installation are more durable than old ones. Plumbing systems that are 30 to 40 years old, in particular, should undergo replacement.

3. Incorrect Water Pressure Level
Using a high water pressure level can also damage your water line system. This can burst your pipes and lead to expensive plumbing repairs or replacements. Nevertheless, if you have them checked by a licensed plumbing contractor, you won’t need to worry about incorrect water pressure. Professional plumbers can run a pressure test and find a suitable level of water pressure for your pipes.

4. Clogged Drains
Clogs can cause other plumbing problems, such as leaks and burst pipes. The accumulated clogs sometimes include household chemicals that can be corrosive over time, so they speed up the deterioration of the waterlines. Another reason is that obstructions lead to pressure buildups, making structural damage more likely to happen.

If you’re still unsure of why there are plumbing leaks in your home, it’s best to call for a plumbing expert’s help. Contact Premier Plumbing & Leak Detection, LLC in Gainesville and Ocala, FL for fast and accurate leak detection services in Florida.

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