A storm drain, commonly known as a catch basin, collects runoff water from the roadway when it’s raining. It reduces the overwhelming water during heavy rains so that parking lots, pavements, and streets are free from flood. Thus, with properly maintained storm drains, residents can have the ideal streetways free from clogged waterways, particularly in low-lying areas prone to flooding. It also prevents water from overflowing on the driveways.

As a homeowner, there are ways to help you keep the storm drain away from clogs and debris. Here are some storm drain maintenance practices you can do:

Inspect the Storm Drain Regularly

Some storm drains don’t have strainers yet; that’s why falling leaves and debris can enter the pipe freely, resulting in a clogged drain. Filter and drainage grate installation prevents clog buildup, protecting the water system from such issues.

Put a Tight Lid on Trash Bins for Yard Waste

Residential owners should pay attention to the garbage and trash that may enter the storm drains. Many types of pollutants and contaminants make their way to the storm drains, so it’s hard to drain runoff water and rainfall. It’s best to put a tight lid on your trash bins so that yard wastes are not directly going to the sewer during windy or rainy weather. It will also lessen the trash that enters the storm drains.

Proper Disposal of Liquid Waste 

Mixtures containing chemical substances like motor oil are not recommended to be thrown away on storm drain grates. Although they are liquid, they are waste that can pollute the lakes and rivers where the drains are dumped. Remember to keep hazardous wastes in a separate dump container.

Contact Plumbing Experts in FL

To ensure that your catch basins are not clogged with sediments, trash, leaves, and other obstructions, get in touch with a plumbing expert. If you’re from Gainesville, Ocala, and the surrounding communities in FL, reach out to us at Premier Plumbing & Leak Detection, LLC. We are plumbing professionals that provide storm drain cleaning services specialized in leak detection and repair for residential and commercial customers.

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