Plumbing repairs require an expert to determine the root cause of the problem. Aside from that, as homeowners with a limited understanding of the plumbing system, a professional plumber can provide the best solution for any plumbing issues at home.

If you’re having a pipe issue, whether it’s in a residential or commercial building, there are two options a plumber can suggest: epoxy pipe lining and repiping. If you want to learn about epoxy pipe lining vs. repiping, here are the pros and cons of the two:

Epoxy Pipe Lining

One reason your pipes need repair is that they have leaks and corroded areas but do not need a replacement. That’s why pipe relining through epoxy pipe lining is used to patch up the leaking part of the plumbing system. Epoxy pipe lining is done with an epoxy coating that uses plastic resin to repair water pipes, whether it’s a hot or cold plumbing system.

Pros of Epoxy Pipe Lining

  • Quick and Easy Solution. This method is faster than any other solution since it only takes a maximum of 3 days to repair your pipe completely.
  • Long-Lasting. Lining your pipes with epoxy will double their lifespan because epoxy is durable and corrosion-resistant. It’s designed to last for up to 35 to 50 years.
  • Trenchless. This method avoids digging up yards.

Cons of Epoxy Pipe Lining

  • It Is Permanent. Epoxy pipe lining is a one-time repair. When it’s done, it’s hard to make any change to the pipes.
  • Water Flow Is Affected. Since the pipelines have been re-coated, the water flow pressure may be slightly affected because the pipe’s diameter got smaller.


Repiping involves the replacement of the old water pipe with a completely new one. Unlike epoxy pipe lining, this method requires a new pipe to fix the problem.

Pros of Repiping

  • Brand-New Pipes. It improves your water system because a new pipe restores the water pressure adequate for the system.
  • Increase House Value. If you want to sell your house or commercial building, a newly replaced plumbing system will increase its value.
  • No More Water Leaks. Repiping solves other water leak issues since the pipes are all new.

Cons of Repiping

  • More expensive. Pipe replacement is more costly than epoxy pipe lining because it requires other tasks like digging the yard before the actual replacement.
  • Labor-intensive. Repiping requires digging up your yard, which is why it’s best to stay in another place until the work is done. Plus, the process of replacement is loud because of the digging.

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