Trees and other shrubberies can be a great addition to a home. They can provide fresh air, some fruits, and a nice shade during warm and sunny days. But if you leave your tree and shrub roots unchecked and uncontrolled, it could lead to some major plumbing problems.

Tree and shrub roots underground gravitate towards water pipes, especially during dry seasons. The roots can quickly break through your sewage line and cause a leak or blockage. To help you prevent and solve this issue, here are some tips on how to deal with tree roots causing plumbing problems:

Take Preventative Actions 

If you’re planning to plant a new tree, try to contact your local municipality first and ask about your sewer lines. Usually, they’ll send someone to map out the location of your pipes. Then, use this information to strategically plant your tree away from your plumbing system.

As much as possible, avoid planting trees that have vigorous, shallow, and fast-growing roots. Some examples include mulberry, aspen, willow, elm, and beech. If you’re adamant about planting these and their placement, you can also have a plumber install a physical barrier between the tree and your pipes.

Remove the Roots 

Once it’s determined that tree roots are the cause of your plumbing problems, it’s important to call in a plumber and have it fixed immediately. The most common method of dealing with this is by cutting the tree roots with a mechanical auger. The plumber will send a powered sewer auger down your sewer line, which will cut the roots.

But this method will not prevent the roots from growing back. Instead, deposit some copper sulfate around the area and install a new sewer line after removing the roots. This will prevent them from growing back and causing a problem with your plumbing.

If you’re dealing with roots in drainage pipes, hydro jetting may be the best method for you. A hydro-jet is a machine that uses a high pressure of water to remove any blockage on a sewer line. A hydro-jetting service can quickly and efficiently get rid of any tree roots that are blocking your pipes.

Call a Professional Plumber 

If you’re dealing with tree roots causing plumbing problems in your property, call in a professional plumber immediately. Premier Plumbing and Leak Detection, LLC can safely and efficiently deal with your tree root problems. Call us now at (352) 219-5880 to learn more about our services

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