Leaks from the ceiling usually occur when it is has been raining a long time that water already pools on the roof. Ceiling leaks can also be caused by plumbing problems, such as a burst pipe in an upstairs bathroom.

Ceiling leaks due to a plumbing problem may look like a dark or discolored spot that expands throughout the ceiling or as a steady and continuous drip. A certain area that seems to be sagging may also be because of a plumbing issue. All of these are serious problems that require immediate attention. Here are three things you should do when there’s water leaking from the ceiling:

Move Items Away From the Leak

Once you discover the leak, the first thing to do is stabilize the situation and prevent further damage. Move any furniture and valuables away from the area, especially home appliances or electronics, since this can be a safety risk. Then, place a bucket and a tarp or towel under the leak to catch the water.

Find the Cause of the Leak 

Finding the main source of the leak helps mitigate the problem for a little while before a professional arrives. A plumbing issue in an upstairs bathroom is the most common cause of a ceiling leak. If there’s a defect in the wax seal that joins the toilet to the floor, water can penetrate from the bottom to the downstairs ceiling every time you flush. If this is the case, you might want to stop using this specific toilet for a while until you can get a plumber to fix the seal.

Water leaks on the ceiling can also be caused by an issue in your drain pipes. You’ll notice that the leak appears and disappears across your ceiling. Replacing the fittings of the broken drain pipes is the best solution to this problem.

Call for Professional Help

The best and most efficient thing to do when there’s water leaking from the ceiling is to call a professional immediately. Even if you were able to discover the cause of the leak, don’t try to fix the issue yourself since this could worsen the damage to your plumbing and ceiling. In case of any leaks, get in touch with Premier Plumbing and Leak Detection, LLC. Our professional plumbers will be able to safely and quickly repair the damage.

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