In case of a clog, you might want to consider a hydro-jetting service as a quick and effective solution. Hydro-jetting is the process of using a high-pressure hose and a specialized nozzle to blast water down pipelines. A water jet of 3,000-5,000 psi will easily eliminate even the most stubborn blockages. Here are a couple of benefits of hydro-jetting:

It’s Cleaner

Other plumbing methods get rid of the blockage but leave behind grease, dirt, and mineral deposits. Sometimes, they can’t even get rid of the entire clog, and some chunks would still be stuck in the pipes. They can accumulate and eventually clog your pipes again. Hydro-jetting can get rid of even the smallest dirt in your pipes, allowing water to run smoothly and unobstructed.

Plumbing work isn’t always clean. No matter the method used, there’s always a possibility of sewage and water coming into contact with the plumber or your home. But, hydro-jetting can minimize the mess. Since it’s a very quick and efficient method, the plumber won’t have to spend a long time dealing with your plumbing while exposed to possible sewage waste and mess.

It’s Safer for Your Pipes and the Environment 

Most unclogging and pipe cleaning methods use chemicals like sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide that can corrode PVC pipes. Moreover, these components don’t always effectively break down solid clogs. So, the risk of damaging your pipes for this method just isn’t worth it.

Commercial hydro-jetting only uses water to clean up and unclog your pipes, making it a much safer option for your pipes. Plus, you won’t have to worry about chemical contamination or environmental damage if the water empties into a body of water or even your lawn.

It Gets Rid of Harmful Bacteria 

With everyday use, your pipes can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria that can produce a foul odor or contaminate your water supply. The strong pressure of hydro jetting doesn’t only get rid of clogs and dirt but also harmful bacteria and microbes. This will leave you with a safe and fresh sewage system.

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