For senior citizens and people with mobility issues, the simple task of going to the bathroom can be a struggle. One misstep can cause them to slip or fall and sustain an injury. Thankfully, bathroom grab bars are easily available and can make showers, toilets, and tub areas much safer to navigate.

To ensure optimum safety in the bathroom, here are some tips on the proper placement, selection, and weight test of a grab bar:

Consider the Grab Bar’s Height and Placement

Even if a grab bar is firmly anchored, it will not be functional without proper placement. Based on ADA-compliant bathrooms, the height should be at least 33-36 inches above the floor.

But because everyone’s needs are different, there is no standard grab bar placement for homes. It should depend entirely on how the person will use it. So, have them decide which position will be the most helpful for them.

Choose a High-Quality Grab Bar

Consider getting a grab bar that has a grooved metal, is vinyl-coated, or has a gripping material like rubber. The textured surface provides a non-slip grip, which is useful for wet hands or those with limited dexterity.

One might think that the color of the grab bar is just for aesthetic purposes, but it also plays a part in maintaining safety. Pick a grab bar that’s easy to identify, especially if the person it’s meant for has vision impairments. Go for one that contrasts the color of the bathroom wall so that it’s much easier to see and hold onto.

Test the Grab Bar’s Strength

A properly installed, high-quality grab bar should support at least 250 lbs. So, give the bar a good yank and have someone on standby in case it comes loose. Don’t be afraid to pull at it with all your weight. When you feel like it’s budging a little, have your contractor tighten up the bolts.

Safety Starts With a Simple Bar

Bathroom grab bars can go a long way in ensuring the safety and security of senior citizens or people with mobility issues. Thankfully, Premier Plumbing and Leak Detection, LLC offers 3 durable and quality grab bars for only $199. We can even install them for you to make sure that they’re properly secured to your bathroom walls. Call us now at 352-219-5880 to learn more about this offer.


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