Some plumbing issues are more complex than others. Minor problems can be solved by applying some elbow grease; while major ones may require assistance from professionals in general plumbing in Gainesville, FL.

It’s normal for homeowners to have questions whenever a plumbing problem arises. And we’re happy to help! For your reference, we answer four commonly asked plumbing questions.

How Do I Fix a Clogged Drain?

There are two quick and easy solutions to unclog a drain. First, you can pour clog-removing chemicals down the pipes to dissolve whatever is blocking the water’s pathway. Second, you may use a plunger to move the obstruction. Snaking is also an option but it can be challenging and messy.

If the issue remains after trying the do-it-yourself (DIY) methods, it’s time to call for backup. Contact a professional for a drain cleaning in Gainesville, FL. This way, you can be sure that the root cause of the problem will be addressed.

What Causes a Faucet Leak?

A dripping faucet is one of the most common plumbing problems. It may seem insignificant but this issue can be costly if not addressed.

Faucet leaks are usually caused by a busted gasket, o-ring, or valve. Usually, this issue is easy to fix because you may replace the parts without purchasing an entirely new one.

How Can I Be Certain That There’s a Leak?

Water stains on your walls, ceiling, and floor are indications that there is a leak. However, detecting where the water is coming from is an entirely different challenge. It’s better to call professionals for leak detection and repair.

Why Do My Pipes Make Rattling Noises?

There can be a lot of factors that cause rattling noises in your pipes. However, the most common situations are when pipes aren’t properly supported. This means that they tend to move or shake because of the pressure. Not only is this problem annoying, but it can lead to a more serious issue if left unaddressed.

General Plumbing in Gainesville, FL

To be sure, the safe move is to always call an expert to handle your plumbing. We, at Premier Plumbing & Leak Detection, are always ready to help out Gainesville, FL residents. Reach out to us today!

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