Need To Knows When Plumbing Pipes Bust

Eventually your home will experience an emergency plumbing crisis and unfortunately, you will be overwhelmed and not sure how to control the situation. If properly prepared on how to act fast, major damages and expensive costs for pipe repairs will be minimal. While having a 24/7 emergency plumbing service on call is an important factor, here are a few tools to keep in your back pocket to minimize the loss.

As the site of water flooding your home, or leakage from your ceiling can cause mayhem, remember to stay calm and get in touch with your local plumber as soon as you can. Once a plumbing emergency happens, you may not have the available time to research which company would suit your situation best. It’s very important to have emergency plumbing services on-call already listed in your contacts or on your refrigerator for quick, easy access.

Make sure you shut off the water supply providing all the waterfalls into your humble abode. This will assist to minimize the damage rushing through your home as well as keep toilets and faucets from backing up. If your dishwasher, washing machine, or any other large appliance has an inlet valve, turn it off to stop the leaking temporarily in case this is causing your flooding issues.

Another item to think about, if there is more than just one outlet inside the house that is affected and/or you are unable to find the closest shutoff valve, just close your main water supply valve until your local plumber is able to arrive. Also, if this affects your water heater you might want to turn your water heater off as well. Turning off your water heater, and it’s gas supply, if applicable, will prevent further damage to your house and your water heater.

Look to see if you are able to locate where the leak’s origin is. Be sure to make a note of all the leaks you have found to hand over to your plumbers. This will assist them in determining leak repairs and decrease time on the clock for the emergency plumbing costs.

Additionally, open up your faucets to relieve pressure in your pipes even after shutting off the main valve. This includes inside and outside which will also decrease the water damage to the interior portion of your home. You can also try to use a plunger to shift and move away any clogs that may be causing blockages inside your pipes.

However, do not use any chemical treatments or additional flushing water to unclog the pathways. This will cause more damage and can create a greater emergency plumbing problem. Allow your local plumbing service to handle the cause for the issue as you have already taken steps to prevent further damage.

Acting fast can not only save you financially in repairs but reduce the amount of trauma caused to your home. Always be sure to keep your local 24/7 emergency plumbing service telephone number on hand just in case. Plumbing is never a simple leak, leave the repairs to the professionals.

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