What do residents in Gainesville FL do when they have a drain problem? They turn to the professional drain cleaning services to get the job done. 24/7 emergency plumbing services offered by plumbing companies like Premier Leak and Plumbing give residents the peace of mind knowing their drains will be cleared, day or night.

The easiest way to deal with a plumbing problem is to have a professional with experience dealing with it. If you want the job done right it is always best to choose professional drain cleaning services.

When You Have a Plumbing Problem

Some plumbing issues are inconvenient and can wait a little while to be repaired if you are willing to pay the cost. For example, over 13% of all water usage is attributed to a leak. A dripping faucet can be an annoyance and a waste of water, but it is not a danger to anyone but a clogged main drain is a different story.

A backed-up drain is more than an inconvenience. It can be a health issue. If your main drain is clogged it is not unusual for sewage to back up into bathtubs and sinks. It could quickly become a health risk to everyone in your household.

Many homeowners make the critical mistake of trying to solve the problem on their own. One of the first things many homeowners try is caustic chemicals to clean the drain. These chemicals can do more harm than good and often do not clear the clog.

Why Professional Drain Cleaning Service is The Right Answer

Understanding why a do it yourself approach is not the right answer when it comes to drain cleaning can help you make the right choice for your plumbing needs. When you pour chemicals down your drain, especially the main drain, you are taking a risk. These chemicals will eat through whatever is in the way including your pipe.

In some cases, the chemicals can make the clog worse. In all cases, using over the counter drain cleaners pose a serious risk. It is not unusual for drain cleaners to splash up and cause injuries. They also upset the natural flora in your septic tank (if you have one), and are dangerous for the groundwater.

Professional plumbers do not use caustic drain cleaners to clear clogs. They have the equipment and the know-how to free the clog without detrimental side effects. You can leave it to the pros and have a worry-free function fast.

Day or Night Services

Plumbing problems usually happen when you least expect it, luckily you have the option of calling on a 24/7 emergency plumbing team. You do not have to wait it out over the weekend, you can get the drain cleaning services you need right now.

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